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I would frame it differently. The problem for solo players is a combination of two factors -- the longer companion activation time and the Stat capping.

TL-DR: The companion timer nerf plus level synching makes old content less enjoyable, not necessarily more difficult. This impacts solo players disproportionately. I'm not worried about the base planetary or class missions so we are clear. I'm talking about former so-called group content that was 'more' soloable.

Let's stipulate at the outset that there are two ways to improve one's performance to complete content:

a) improve your understanding of your class / learning the encounters; and b) getting better gear.

The problem is right now that Option B, getting better gear, is limited because of Level Synching down. Pretty sure Rion, you know full well that this results in Stat capping and that certain gear stats become useless.

So where does that leave us? Yes, it is possible to still do that content we could before. In many cases, however, it's not a L2P issue -- it's an issue of annoyance. In my case, I play a lot of alts so it hasn't impacted me too severely yet, but I can assure you -- I avoid Section X, Oricon, etc. -- at least on non-stealth classes.

The longer-term impact for me is going to be on soloing Vet FPs. Now, one cay say (tritely), well Dasty, you aren't supposed to solo H4s or solo Vet FPs outside of faceroll Hammer Station. Fair enough, but that means content I could do before, I find far, far more annoying to do now. Encounters are lengthier because even if I know my rotations, CDs, etc., they are still essentially just HP sponges.

And what happens when they raise the gear Ilvl past 306? It will help only for the brand new content. It won't mean squat for everything pre-6.0.

The end result is that BW is offering me less variety of content than I'm willing to put up with because of the annoyance factor. Yes, that's my personal decision, but it hardly seems like i'm alone. And, well, when I run out of interesting, enjoyable content...(dunh, dunh, dunh!)

Don't you get Veteran's Edge stacks (30 at 306) in regular pve? Honestly, I haven't paid attention. The stacks buff the player when they're overgeared. However, stats are still capped, except for critical, alacrity, accuracy. Which is why Devastating Vengeance and Alacrity relics are better than mastery/power proc relics.

As for running out of interesting, enjoyable content...... I wouldn't know. I find heroics to be neither interesting nor enjoyable since 2013.
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