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Personal ships are no longer required due to alternate means of travel, however they remain as useful now as. They have ever been.

Guild ships remain quite useful, for both fast travel via summons, and as gathering places. In fact if more guildmssters got over their need to create art, they could be more useful.

My main stronghold, Nar, the opening room, is the utility room, with all the venders, mod table, mail, vaults, all the actually useful stuff, in one room. The rest of Nar, is the trophy rooms.

I am just saying, if my guild stronghold and ship has a utility room, Iíd expect more of us guildies would be there more often using it as our personal base of ops, instead of just for the weekly guild meeting. But thatís artsy guildmasters, not BioWare.
Im still new to the PC gaming world, as of four years ago I bought my very first gaming PC because I was finally able to afford one and ever since then I have been hooked. But during my journey, I have learned that people use gaming as a social hub, an escape, and sometimes a way to form communities. When you mentioned that your guild has weekly meetings that reminded me of being in college preparing for a group project or working in the office discussing how we were going to meet a quota. I dont think a lot of game developers realize exactly how important gaming has become in some peoples everyday life which shows in a games success or failure. Implementing systems/game functions that make the game more community based is almost as important as releasing content.

Imagine if you and your guildmates were able to fly to your guildship for your meeting instead of just instancing in, that would make group meetings much more interesting and possibly fun. Also what if you could control your guildship in a space instance and use it go to remote locations or do even "cooler or spontaneous" things. This type of mechanic adds so much more to the game than people realize because of the psycholical factors that go into gaming.