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BioWare's been working on this for some time. Unfortunately, they don't know what's wrong any more than we do.

Be patient. Hopefully they'll figure it out soon.
lol cant tell if serious...

This has been present for over 5 builds now. Each build a high trafficking forum gets created to discuss "Theories" on how or why it is broken. People have BEGGED for Bioware to do so little as respond that this is a known bug, and yet Bioware has remained silent. Not 1 single word on the matter. If they are working on it, or are even aware, they need to say something because the game is out now and there is absolutely no excuse for this still being here. During beta it was justifiable to not say anything because its their prerogative, but now that this is live, we have a right to know why the only romancable companion for the Male Jedi Knight (arguably the most popular class) is still broken.
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