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I don't think he attacked me personally. What ticks me off is that he attacked anyone at all. Take Zach Snider for instance. Many disliked his vision for the DCEU. Do you see him out there blasting anyone? Nope.

Maybe RJ should of done the same.

But something else also jumped out at me. You say Finn learned not to run away. Umm excuse me, didn't he ALREADY learn that lesson when he faced off against Kylo in TFA? Why did Finn regress to have to learn that lesson all over again?

Also Poe needing to learn that lesson. Sure any commander needs to learn when to push and when not to, but the way the film went about it was all well wrong. A better leader SHOWS their subordinates how to do that. Not berate them in front of his peers and when asking a simple question of " what is the plan, what are my orders?" Being basically told , you're a hot shot man and there is no need for you to know, is asinine.

Even demoted at that time he's still one of the senior officers Holdo has left. You'd think she'd atleast give him the bare bones right? I mean hell Janeway on Voyager told the junior man of her senior staff the plan. You'd think Holdo would do the same?

Sorry this mess could of been far better written and actually FLOW from the last movie.

Cause here's the thing. ESB matches WAY better with ANH than TLJ does sith TFA.
See, now you're admitting that the even the female characters made mistakes and were not infallible. That was part of my point.

This movie did a great job of bringing almost everyone's weaknesses to the surface and a LOT of people suffered and died as a result. Most of the characters also grew and learned in the end. That was the entire point of the movie. Again, yes, parts of it could have been handled better, but it got everyone to where they need to be heading into the final installment.

And it was still a good flick. Not the best SW movie ever, but being in the top half of 10 films is still alright.
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