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Quote: Originally Posted by Riiquiem View Post
Due to changes in 1.2 patch I'm rolling the field-tech set right now.
5 more energy is nice but no longer needed and then the tech set bonus comes in much more handy.

It's sad that no one else wanted to say something about our thoughts.
However we should overwork the guide as soon as 1.2 has been released.

Sorry for no posts lately, university is keeping me busy. I'm still there don't worry.
Yeah, same, got a take-home midterm I am procrastinating for right now!

And I am waiting for Patch 1.2, like you said, to put up some changes. I know my personal favorite spec will be mostly unchanged, since it is Saboteur, but I would definitely be interested to get your thoughts on the DF changes, since they are a little more involved. The fact that Hemorrhaging Blast is free makes things a LOT more conservative energy-wise, so that is nice.

I did add a link to the guide to a post I made on my blog about the changes coming in 1.2. I will incorporate them into the guide when they go live, since they could change.

Also, I have to go back and change all my builds (*curses to himself soflty*).

Will be quite busy!

Just made Battlemaster last night, how is your gear grind going? I have implants now!
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