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This is great advice, and I will add it to the DF section for sure.

I use the Field Tech set, mainly because it puts Distraction at the same range as your other blaster skills. Granted, I am primarily Sab/SS, and only recently tried DF. For those two, though, it is very useful to be able to interrupt from where you are in cover without having to move, which could open you up to many attacks. Considering how often healers try to move out of your range anyway, it can be useful to have that extra range.

Also, I have been able to stop a cap at least a dozen times that I wouldn't have been able to stop with Freighter Flyby's longer duration. It's aid is probably immeasurable, honestly.

With Quickdraw extended, I can often get off that last killing blow on runners too.

For DF, however, I can definitely see that Enforcer is superior. You don't need the range for the kill on runners: your DoTs will do that for you, especially since they hit harder if the target is under 30% health. The energy issues are helped with the larger pool, and since you spend more time out of cover and in the thick of things, the extra second on Dodge can actually make a large difference. If you were to pop that right before someone attacked you, then effectively you can dodge 3 skills on the GCD timer, versus just 2.

If I ever have the resources, I will probably try to get each of these sets.

When I get a chance, I will update this with your post, and a video would be great! I can add the link to that as well.
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