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First of all I'm using the Enforcer set 'cause mainly cause of its energy bonus.
Since I'm ALWAYS focused the 1 sec longer dodge duration is highly appreciated.
You might think 5 energy isn't worth over FrighterFlyby duration or Quickdraw/Distraction range increasement.
But to become effective with DF is very energy dependant - never stop shooting and you'll always be on top of the scoreboard. And that's what pvp is all about: being better than the others and making them cry, period.

So 5 energy help you to keep up your rotations -> higher dmg.
In addition I NEVER found myself thinking "oh I wish I had a longer range .. meh..".
Guys seriously we play DF for mobility. If you know what you are doing you are not out of range.
Therefore the Tech set is simply not very viable to me.

However it's essential for you to have a high crit chance. Reach 35% without buffs and you are pretty fine. Then use your buffs, stims, increased crit chance in talent tree + 75% crit multiply and your DOT's tear everyone apart.

This may sound obvious but is very important for keeping up your energy.
Once you used a DOT.. !WAIT for it to end! before you apply it again.
While your DOTs are ticking never stop shooting! Use thermal grenade, sab charge, flourish shot, you can use wounding shots multiple times before your DOTs run out and most important USE FLURRY OF BOLTS after every skill.
This allows you to regen 5 - 10 energy due to global cooldown and keeps up your dmg while increasing dmg and minimizing wasting time for cool downs.

Use obstacles to get you out of the enemies LOS which is easy because your DOTs will kill them even when you are running from them. Mobility and kiting increase your survivability -> more time to deal more dmg and so on...
Also always look for weak targets, DOT healers so they are forced to move or heal themselves.

Just keep in mind that you have to shoot whenever possible. Don't start to wait for cds!
One thing remains hidden to MANY players... stay calm.
Don't just spam everything you have, thats not the point. Always fill pauses between powerful skills with Flurry of Bolts.

As I mentioned before this all sounds obvious to many of you but you won't believe how little players actually watch the time of their DOTs or use flurry of bolts often.. whatever this is hard to write down so I'll maybe add a video of me showing you what I'm talking about.
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