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Quote: Originally Posted by Riiquiem View Post
I don't use sab charge often I find it viable only when u need a short burst.
If i had the points I'd max it out but there just aren't any I could switch.

All in all it's nothing special just standard DF spec.
Yeah, but it also affects Thermal Grenade, which is already getting a buff in the DF tree anyway. That is why I take three points there, and leave it off of Steady Shots. I am curious though, if Steady Shots will make a difference, so I want to try it. Overall, yes, your build is very similar to mine when it comes to DF.

By the way, grats on BM, and I hope to join you within the week. I am super busy with a midterm, but if I am lucky, I will probably get the last 2 ranks before Saturday.
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