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03.19.2012 , 02:47 PM | #11
Today I reached valor rank 60 and got my first BM pieces and it's only the ear and belt

Besides from crit which is essential for energy regeneration with DOT spec I came to the conclusion that GS is NOT very gear dependent. Well at least once you get centurion set that is very easy to collect, you just own everything.

At the moment I equipped full champion and BM ear/belt from the enforcer set.
Additional 5 energy just beats everything else. Still I used the crit/surge mods from other T2 sets.

As already mentioned I'm running dirty fighting atm with 2/8/31
Link here

I tried SS, Sab, DF/SAB hybrid and well everything possible but for now I don't feel like going into detail.
If someone wishes I will post them later on.
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