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*om nom nom's your story* mm so delicious. *om nom nom*

Twenty minutes later...

Torian and I are in Corridan's assault group.

Front lines. Standard attack. We come in the front. Others from back and sides. Meet in the middle and half will head for the politician's chambers while the other half will clear out the rest of the upstairs.

It's a small group. Only forty. All teams have ten each. Jogo is not in our squad. Corridan is a smart man.

'Champion,' accosts an older woman in our squad, 'where are you weapons?' We continue to advance on the entrance, still hidden from attack by our own defences.

I hold my arms wide form my body a grin. 'They're in me.'

She looks at me curiously but doesn't ask any more questions. We advance on the lines and I notice how beautiful the rays of light look as they shine down through thin, morning clouds. It's going to be a nice day.

'Jurkadir!' Corridan calls.

I laugh and sprint as fast as I can to the Republic soldiers. I extend my blades and turret and summersault the remaining metres to the soldiers as they pointlessly fire at me and my comrades. I cut the necks of the soldiers I land behind them and continue down there ranks in that fashion as Torian joins me at my side. A few seconds later, the other melee Mando's join us as the cross fire rages around us. Melee is to take the middle while ranges takes the sides.

Torian fights well. He doesn't take risks to impress. Doesn't need to. We fight as a coordinated duo and take down a large section of the first two lines together. We don't need to give verbals anymore. We just know. I laugh occasionally. Never thought fighting in a team could be fun.

We make it to the middle while the side and back clean up the ones fleeing or taking a final and futile stand. The team begins to heal injuries. I don't have any.

'Good job, Caderas. Glad to have you along,' Corridan congratulates as he places his hands on our shoulders. 'Your wife has some impressive weaponry hidden in there, Torian.'

'Don't I know it,' Torian says with a shrug and something close to as sly smile.

'Said it yourself, Corridan Ordo, I'm a woman full of surprises.' I tap the side of my head and he laughs. Torian looks at me with a pleased expression and Corridan removes his hands while saying something about not wanting to be in any cross fire.

Corridan looks around and only dead soldiers can be seen. Clean up crew is done. Only have to wait for the other squads to reach us.

'Don't get too comfortable. Not over yet. Stay alert,' he tells us with the stern voice of a man of command as Torian take my small hand in his gloved one. Torian nods and remains solemn.

'I don't need to tell you to have fun,' Corridan says with a chuckle before walking off to speak t the others, his eyes constantly scanning the large hall for any sign of an enemy. The others eyes only remain on Torian and I. Seems I'm the newest circus freak on a small back-water planet.

But I'm still smiling. I ignore their suspicion and impressed looks I recieve and focus on Torian.


'Twenty seven, Cyare,' Torian replies with pride.

'Kandosii,' I compliment with a smile and lightly kiss his lips. 'But I still win.'

'Your count?'

'Thirty two,' I reply and kiss his cheek. 'You owe me dinner now.' Torian only smiles in reply.

I hear mumbles of things in Mando'a like 'I thought fifteen was good' and another 'lucky arue'tal.' Torian frowns again and his eyes grow grave and his stature rigid and formal.

I turn and glare at the man that said the last one. He tries to sneer back but as I hold up my knife dripping in blood, he becomes scared and looks away. I leer at him and look back to Torian.

Torian is bleeding from a shallow cut on his forearm. I don't do him the dishonour or embarrassment of treating it like I normally would. I merely motion to it and he nods and begins to do it himself. I make a show of cleaning my knives as I sit next to him.

'Not the end yet, Cyare,' Torian mentions casually.

'No. But there aren't enough up there,' I point to the ceiling, 'to allow you anything near a comeback.'

'We'll see,' is his simple reply as he heals his arm with a faint smile. I don't get to make a retort as the other squads arrive.

Corridan briefs on the remainder of the plan. No causalities so far. It's even easier from here.