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I've tried to look for videos or transcripts of the dialouge for the conversations past just people giving a brief description and I can't which makes me sad. I would hate for it to happen to me, but since it hasn't, I'm curious as to what Torian is like with her. And it does seem strange he would actually go out with her when he even says his two criteria is Mando and shooting straight. As my BH points out, Mako fails at being/having either of those.
I don't recall seeing much of Torian's side of the relationship; don't think he says anything, which means it may all be in Mako's mind . However, Mako does tell him something along the lines of "you're never allowed to leave the ship again" after he gets captured, which I'm sure would really go over well with a hardcore Mandalorian (Enjoy him while you got him Mako, because I have plans mwahahaha!)
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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