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08.18.2019 , 09:58 PM | #6
The only times I bother going to the fleet are to do the handful of quests that originate there (ie, the Gree event pickup or SoR prelude), go to the few vendors I can't access elsewhere or get heroics for my characters who can't hit Odessen yet. My strongholds and player ships have everything I need so there's no real reason to hang out there.

I appreciate that it would be nice if the fleet were more lively for those who would enjoy it, but I do think they'd need to address the toxicity to make it more palatable. One of the major reasons I turned off Gen Chat and other communication channels was because of how unpleasant it was on the fleet. IMHO it's a major reason people want to get in and out of there as fast as possible.

Since part of Hearts & Minds took place on fleet perhaps the devs are also trying to draw players back there, and having it be the starting or ending points for quests certainly accomplishes that. Perhaps some of the mini-games people have suggested, like sabacc or pazak would draw people who want to interact with others.