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08.18.2019 , 06:14 PM | #1
Except for Star Forge (because of the amount of people who RP on the fleet during prime time), how are the other fleets on the servers during primetime and outside of it?

They seem pretty low to me and my guess is people spend more time in guild ships and strongholds. I know outside of primetime, the Imperial and Republic fleets on SF are nearly ghost towns. But during primetime, they are as full as ever with many RP people across 3-4 instances (I mean heaps, it’s nearly standing room only near the bars and stairs).
I’m not an RPer, but it’s good to see so many people around having fun. It makes the game feel “whole” and full.

It then feels really sad and empty when I visit the fleet outside of primetime. I think Bioware could add some more activities and incentives to visit or be on the fleet a little more. I know I’m guilty of sitting in my strong holds most of the time and I always log out in my SH. But some of that is because there is no one else on the fleet.

Over the weekend when I visited the rep and Imp fleets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Australian times), which would be Thursday, Friday and Saturday (US times), there were between 29-41 players and one fleet instance. Which is the lowest I’ve seen on Star Forge and is around the same as Harbinger was before the moves. I know a lot has to do with many people in APAC and western US not playing anymore.

Does anyone have any ideas on what Bioware could do or add?

Maybe they could open up the VIP area and add some things up there as nobody uses it and it mostly empty of anything to do.

Here’s hoping Bioware have some plans for the fleet in the future besides RP and the occasional quick visit.