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01.12.2012 , 01:22 PM | #12
I understand mostly it is a hardware issue with alot of people. I know it will end up being worked out in the end. My response was solely in the fact that everyone on here made assumptions I didn't know comps. I know 90 percent of the issue is either my driver or something on my end I.E Dust or inoperable fan. But if i play mmos as well as rpgs (Dues EX, Oblivion, ect) with zero issues and I start playing this game and all of a sudden my comp which plays wow on ultimate settings is having issues i find it hard that BW isnt to blame for the 10 percent thats causing my 90 percent to corrupt my comp. my argum,ent is the 10 percent they are saying is all our comps (coincidence?) is garbage. Their engine is causing our video cards to run at such high speeds its frying them. That nothing I can do will change as Im running the highest vid card i can get