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02.24.2014 , 03:28 PM | #9
If this is a short term solution while they work on a better long term solution, I think it's fine. Two spawn points won't stop all spawn camping, as good teams will still be able to cover both, but it'll be a rare team that can do so effectively. The turret tactics used in TDM are a more immediate problem than Domination, so it make sense to patch it for now. (Like I said, so long as they are working on a better long term solution.)

I think the better long term solution would be protected spawn areas you can't re-enter like ground PvP instances have. Although I don't have a problem with people using them for cover so long as the mechanics work that way (it's PvP, so use what you have) I really don't like any "safe retreat" zone existing in a PvP instance.