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05.12.2019 , 05:58 PM | #9
the ossus gear design is actually the best thing about 5.x

this is not sarcasm, I have repeated/said in forum since 5.10 launch my displeasure at swtor is the meta and poor dev interaction, but not the gearing.

this gearing is what gearing used to be before the disgusting money grab GC was. you legit can gear as a f2p/perfered in 5.10

first, the entry mission only requires level 70 to obtain. second, it rewards GREEN gear that is higher than arifact authorization basic 230 gear just for sitting through the intro. third, ossus is a rep based planet with daily, no chapters, just dailys, with OWPVP but no aids adds like iokath. ossus is not sub only, and all crystals gained are obtainable by f2p/perfered. hm wb, wbs, and queueing with a friend for UC (UC is also offered from almost every activity finder) and last but not least! the gear on ossus doesnt require Galatic Command Tokens, the number one thing that premeated money grab about GC

now.... Im personaly more of a fan of making a currency cap per week, like the 5 now, but you can do your content... but hey no one gets everything they want, I'll settle for most crystals are gainable by pvp and the 252 bolster, and the fact that they are no longer kicking to the curb the 50% of this game that doesnt sub 24/7

as the disney guy said in family guy: Come to disneyland! Bring Money!

PS: I would also have liked the UC crystals to be as easy to gain as the pve crystals. Imo the should have been 5 crystals to be gained by either paying 500 UC per, or defeating the wbs, 4 MMfps,1 story mode op, and hm queen. Id say in this the wbs grant 2. but you were capped at 5 per week, and could only do each pve one once. but alas, as 5.10 is, the second UC crystal is a ridiculous price, and in order to get all 5 crystals you have to do a variety of content.