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You know... i wonder what you hope to accomplish with such posts.

You are attacking the last people still fighting for the game you love. It would be so easy to just pull the plug, but here they are reading this topic.

I agree with the topic. There is still huge potencial in this game. But, the best way to revive it would be to make a SWTOR2. Even if it's with a new engine. There needs to be something to re-spark the mass media and gamers interest. There is still a lot of untapped potencial here and many good lessons were learned.
I think the game design is great atm, but it's missing the players and obviously the regular content support.

One of the things i enjoyed the most about the game were the warzones. The huttball and the big battles. I was shocked to queue to a warzone these days and it being a 4v4 arena best of 3. The game is here, the infamous ghost GCD bug was finally fixed. It just feels like it is too late though. We need a reboot of some sort to have players come back and see how enjoyable it can be again.

I don't have the perfect antidote, as i'm not in the company know. But it is undebatable that SWTOR is an untapped potencial.
Granted his post was just insulting and rude, he isn't alone in having that sentiment. I think it's just that people are sick and tired of not being heard for years, and the last few large updates have proven that what the players want isn't that important to the ones making decisions for game design.

Many of the present features have been added recently (in the last 2 years) and they have been met with resounding backlash. Instead of acknowledging what the players say, they are ignored and more features keep getting added that are just as unfavorable as the ones before them. Tone deaf comes to mind. Or, finger not on the pulse.

...Hence all the threads on the topic of communication or lack of. Which coincidentally have just recently been acknowledged by Eric Musco and other representatives who have begun a new campaign to try to improve upon the communication with the playerbase particularly via the forums.

It's just a lot of pent up resentment and anger derived from a lot of disappointment. This thread was created in hopes of finding or sparking growth and interest for this game which seems to in many minds be lacking both especially from the parent studio as of lately.
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