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Quote: Originally Posted by OlBuzzard View Post
Mine is not that far behind !! Albeit that of late I've probably been too focused on a more serious note..

Hence my comment might have been taken a bit too serious … except for perhaps Lhancelot … Dasty (and maybe perhaps you )…

At least I haven't been insisting that the youngins' "KEEP OFF THE LAWN" !!

Over all the entire PTS has been very helpful to me … relearning the ropes … again … so to speak. Reporting those things which matter .. and leaving those things out that don't. And (once again) the disappointment when the "team" either doesn't get it … OR (what is more to the truth) … the TEAM already "gets it" and those of us who are reporting our findings get frustrated when we discover where the game is actually headed.

Confusing ?? Really ?? Tell me about it !! You should be the one trying to type this mess right now !

As for the overall scope of the new XP … IMO .. we will all be faced with some changes we don't like that well. That seems to be the way of things. While it is true that adaptation for the players is always an unwritten expectation and (seemingly equally understood law of the universe of video games) that transition can be received less favorably when taken too far. It seems to me that when some changes boarder line a reset of Cataclysmic proportions .. even those laws which govern said games will implode with disastrous affects.

I don't think we've quite reached that level yet !! But let's face most of us are just gamers. I'm quite certain that our wealth of knowledge in matters in such a vast universe has not only it's limitations ….but .. hang on a second !

This …[/ tap-tap]
silly … ball …[/tap-tap-tap]
… seems … [/tap-tap-tap]
to have …[/tap-tap-tap-tap]
STOPED WORKING [/ tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap]

I'll have to get back with you later …
I use the term, “you young whipper snappers”