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You qinnmancers are so weird

So your ok with wanting to be in a relationship with some who tryed to kill you?

There is no way you can rationalize that unless you have some bizzare case of Stockholm syndrome, the only reason anyone should be reasonably excited about this is if you are looking forward to rectifying the original class stories mistake of not being able to kill him

In a game with weak female romances quinn is still one of the worsts, picking his job over his feelings for you, i actully felt pity for the female SW when she says "but i thought you loved me".

So im happy too that he's back, so i can finally put that traitor where he belongs, 6 feet under.
Yes, I'm perfectly okay with being in a relationship with Quinn even after he TRIED to kill me. It's not as black and white as some folks make it out to be. Quinn had a loyalty to Baras that pre-dated him ever even meeting the Sith Warrior and on top of that he's a non-Force user stuck between two Sith in a situation where either choice, any choice would likely cost him his life. Where Baras would torture, gut and kill him for defiance and where he risks the wrath of the SW if he follows through on Baras' orders. I've never faulted him for being dealt a sh.itty hand and I survived. It made me stronger, it challenged and honed my skills to defeat those droids and through that ordeal I became more certain than before that now I truly did have Quinn's loyalty and support. No Stockholm syndrome either, just strength. Forgiving is actually far harder than simply killing someone to 'get even' so... yeah, my female Sith Warrior is happy her husband's finally returning.
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