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02.18.2020 , 12:36 PM | #26
I'm so glad this has been posted/brought up.

I'm completely objective-focused in Unranked Warzones. There has always been the odd occasion of your/opposing team forgoing objectives to farm/harass/ruin (depending on success) the warzone, granted.

But since November 2019-ish? (I didn't play for a few months) there has been a marked increase (to me, anyway) in the number of Unranked Warzones where objectives become superfluous...

When did this become a 'thing'? Guess it snowballed? Is everyone just trialling the new Set Bonuses & Tacticals? Maybe it's a phase. Maybe not.

You see it in Voidstar, when even though one team has the edge, they make no effort to plant a bomb.

You see it in Queshball, when people ignore the ball and scrap all around it.

Civil War, when they have the edge in mid, and don't cap the turret.

Odessen, when there's over 50% of your team fighting on the other side of the uncontrolled active control points.

I play on Darth Malgus, flitting between my Scoundrel/Operative, Sage/Sorcerer, Vanguard/Powertech. I suppose it's serendipity when you end up on a team that wants to win by objectives. As above, just seems to be a huge increase in the numbers of warzones where you're told, "**** the ball, fight!"

Just never known it so prevalent before! Not professing to be expert, but you can put out numbers AND play objectively.

I dunno, it's just striking to me.

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