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While I still have good fun in regs no matter the tier, I have a high tolerance for repetition. Even then, after 8 or so years with only a tiny handful of new objective maps, most of which are inferior to the originals then what's to be expected? You get out what you put in. Sadly, and I say that because I genuinely enjoy the PvP in this game, one just has to face the fact that it's nothing more than a sideshow to the main event and is treated accordingly. It's stale, repetitive and it's going to take a genuine effort - starting with a slew of new and exciting objective maps - to make 8v8 a big draw again. Probably more of an effort than BW will be willing to make.
I think at this point we can refer to the past regarding PVP as the “good old days” which makes me sad, because for many years I anticipated the next big update that would bring PVP to higher levels. Instead, every large update has accomplished the exact opposite.

The funny thing is it took me this long to finally throw the towel in and concede to the death of this game and PVP as it once was. I say it’s funny because looking at the bigger picture I think BW threw the towel in long before I ever did.

Oh well. SWTOR will go down in history as the MMO that should have been and could have been, a real disappointment in how the game was managed after launch. A gold mine sat on and never mined. Opportunities squandered beyond belief. I could write a hundred more cliches but rather not so I won’t.
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