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Basically everything about the objectives maps need serious work. - They are hardly changed since launch. - But abilities and CDs and such are way more powerful and varied now, so the objectives are somwhat harder to achieve, so no-one bothers.

When yo look at Hit Points of each character, then the HPS and DPS thet players can pump out, all the gap-closers making melee able to jump or pull to ranged, the added stealth options, the FOTMs of mercenaries and assassins upsetting the mixture, the DCDs that some classes have making them hard to kill, the added teleport that was given to snipers and Gunslingers, the added stuns and extra stuns and CC and slows and roots....

Every time I see someone alone trying to channel a cap ( door, turret or whatever) a stealth class pops out and stops it. When you can get a CC on them, someone else attackes them and breaks it. - It's an excercise in frustration. - So people simply deathmatch, hoping that one clued-up person will play the objectives, meaning that none do.

- And there seem to be a large proportion of players that can't defend two nodes out of three and win, but have to try capping the third, leaving the team over-stretched and exposed to a counter attack.

THere are also a larger number who just quit the minute the tide turns against them, leaving the remainder of the team losing with reduced numbers until the inevitable happens.

PLayers get little or no recognition for plating the objectives - even scoring 5x the next highest scorer still rarely warrants even an mvp vote - after that everyone gets the same. - so there's no real incentive.

Sure a win counts for 2x but even that isn't much better reward than 2x quick losses.

It needs a huge overhaul - but that's a long wait for a train that don't come.
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