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02.16.2020 , 09:10 PM | #21
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I did 75 pvp today, got huttball, my team didn't even bother witb objectives and we lost 6-0 pretty quick.
I was healing so got fucused quite s lot and figured, oh well, my team must be dmg farming...

End of game, 2 players broke 1k dps and not even by much lol -_-

**** this game, I've had enuff between the ineptitude of the devs, their mollycoddling and double standards and this is what we are left with?
I love those matches where your entire team is numbers farming, then when it's all said and done... your teams highest can't even break 1k dps.

I think the same thing everytime, at least if you going to farm numbers you better put up something decent. lol.
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