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I disagree with kicking people because they're incompetent. There are a lot of bad people but it's a sliding scale an people have too high of standards and would kick noobs in 100% recruit gear.

You have to put up with the morons who don't know how to play, everybody is like that on their first game. Educate them and put up with the handicap for the match.
And hiding while defending isn't bad play, it's a strategy: call Inc early, let them start their hack, then interrupt 2 seconds before they get it with a stun. The goal is to give your team as much time to arrive as possible (although that guy had other issues too).

Kick is for people who legitimately go AFK or troll which is different.

Your guy was a bad player. I played with a guy who queued wearing no armor. Insulted the entire team for advising him to gear up. Then runs into the middle of every fight trying to fist-fight the enemies.

After all minute ot two he went into gen chat and started telling the enemy what our current disposition was.

When the vote to kick didn't work that became the first and only time I rage quit.
He wasn't masking himself by hiding, he was literally hiding in a place where they wouldn't see him even if they attacked(and if that were the plan, you'd leave the stealther there alone to do it and actually go help your team cap something, you don't need two guarding west). He wanted to sit on the safe node (west is rarely attacked and was only attacked once during this match, and I killed the attacker solo - as a healer, with no help from that Tionese geared guy hiding). And as I said, he clearly wasn't going to call incoming. You're giving him FAR too much credit.

If a person is TRYING to play, I don't care (and I don't think the majority of puggers are going to be super elitists who kick all PVP recruit geared people either, heck as a healer I regularly keep the recruit geared people up over the WH ones because they're trying harder or actually trying to cap instead of pewpewing; even most premades I've met won't kick a recruit geared person unless you are intentionally playing badly while wearing recruit gear). It's the ones that do not try. You can't educate a person to call incomings and not be useless collecting defender medals. You can't educate a person to have reflexes and not sit behind their shield while their healer gets pulverized and they literally do nothing, and then allows a cap with just ONE attacker.

None of the things I listed were situations where it was 'he's new and just doesn't know the ropes yet', as I'd have tried vote kicking far more often if that got under my skin. They were all people being useless or intentionally dragging down the team despite repeatedly being told what they needed to do.

And I fail to see how your naked guy telling the enemy what you were doing was any worse than any of the things I listed. All of them are equally bad and deserve a vote kick. They are all dragging the team down and are not trying to learn how to play. They wanted easy medals and that's all (except the guy rushing their pylon, he got 1 medal, so I'm not sure what he was doing other than just being stupid).

If 7 people vote to kick you... you're probably guilty of something FAR worse than just being a person in recruit gear (even a premade is likely to only have 4, total, so you can't say premades would abuse it either - and most premades that managed to get more than that in will probably not give a rat's booty who the couple pugs are or what they do. The few times my guild managed to get 7 people into the same match we didn't even look at their gear, just distribute orders for our guild, gave suggestions to the pugs for who they could help the most and then never gave them a second thought).