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I had a horrible run of PVP one day where we were constantly trying to kick a few people (I think it was just the same two or three people each WZ, I wasn't taking names). The first guy ran west with me in Novare Coast. I thought 'great, he can stand node guard while I stealth over to east and screw with them'. Before leaving anyone I don't know to guard though, I always ask in chat 'will you call incs?' because if they don't answer that, they aren't going to call. He waits and waits and waits. I ask again. Finally he says 'sure'. Not too reassuring so I say 'nevermind, seems I can't trust you here alone.'

He then promptly proceeded to wedge himself between the large generator and the building with the capping thing inside of it. I was absolutely SHOCKED by that. I had never seen anyone try to hide themselves from the enemy team before.

I quickly inspected his gear to discover he's wearing all Tionese. I immediately let the team know the guy is hiding and wearing no PVP gear and to please vote kick. I initiate a vote kick with the reason being he's hiding and not playing.

He earns a medal from sitting on the node (where he won't call incs and so can't be left alone) so the vote kick is discontinued. I do it again. Another medal. Again. He suddenly jumps up and runs over to east where he's promptly slaughtered. It was worth a laugh at least, but he came right back to west and wedged himself back into that corner. I vote to kick again and the process repeated.

He was TOTALLY useless and had planned on being totally useless the entire round.

Another one was a guy in lowbie PVP who was guarding a node with me. He was a gunslinger and I was a scoundrel healer. I was like 'great, he can melt their faces off and I'll just keep him going. We'll be great.'

We get attacked. He has NO reaction reflexes AT ALL. I'm being stunlocked repeatedly, my HoTs the only thing keeping me up for a number of assassin mauls. The guy is still sitting behind his cover doing nothing! Assassin goes to cap while I'm stunned and he's doing nothing. I watch him still doing nothing. I use CC breaker and stop the cap, get stunned again and attacked. Finally, with a sliver of health left, he gets out of his cover and flash bangs the assassin. Assassin CC breaks and one stiff breeze from his lightsaber killed me. And while I'm taking the speeder back in, the node is capped - but he's not died, because I was watching for his name to pop up.

So yeah, after letting me die and letting the node get capped - either because of incompetence or being AFK - the team tried to vote kick him. He sat on nodes collecting defender medals, which discontinues the vote kick, and once he couldn't collect anymore of those, he kept running mid to get slaughtered (just like the other guy running east). It made me feel a little better about him letting me die without lifting a finger.

And then there was the guy in Hypergate that wracked up a whopping TWENTY-EIGHT deaths (I had never even seen such numbers before that, the rest of the team all had 5, at most)! We told him to stop running to their pylon, but he kept insisting he could cap it (he was not a stealther). So he kept feeding them kills, screwing up the actual stealthers chance to cap since they had people actually guarding and leaving us undermanned at mid (we had two guarding the node because they had three stealthers rotating around who tried to sap and cap).

In all these rounds we were basically down a man. Heck, having an empty slot would have been preferable because at least then you wouldn't have expected some sort of reaction from a person (and in hypergate, an empty slot does not feed the enemy points).

There should definitely be a way to vote kick successfully for reasons other than AFK. Someone piggybacking on a team actually trying to win (just sitting in a corner, collecting defender medals but not calling incs or doing otherwise stupid stuff everyone tells him to stop doing) is not cool at all and no raid team would put up with it, but us PVPers... screw us.