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Reaching lvl 10, I'm very new to the game and would love to advance to this class.... How do I? Lol
Finish your class quests on Ord Mandell, which will lead you to the Fleet. Once there, you'll see a guy sitting on a couch by the elevator who will give you a quest to go get your advanced class.

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For my survival spec for Saboteur, which I use for PvP, here is what I am using now:
Interesting build -- I may give that one a try, as I'm getting less and less enchanted with my sab/df hybrid, and as you note, IG is going to be a lot more useful in 1.2. Though I'm curious why you went for Ballistic Dampers rather than putting anything into Cover Screen. CS seems useful in pvp, since you usually can't camp in one spot all the time.
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