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For PvE, your job is damage, pure and simple. You don't really need to worry too much about survival, as you have cooldowns to help that, and healers to help that.

Energy, you definitely need that, it's true. Like I said though, with Cool Head on a shorter cooldown in Sab, Contingency Charges from Sabotage Charge giving back energy (which btw, is free after Sabotage in your build, so a very large energy return, if you use Flurry of Bolts to blow up the charges), and Foxhole in Sharpshooter, you are pretty much set on energy, no problem. You don't need them all, though, just a few of them will allow you to do more DPS.

I can see that you want a hybrid build to keep a balance there, but I can't see the point of going that far up the Saboteur tree, and not taking Riot Screen for the 6% incoming damage reduction while in Cover. The last two talents in the tree are fairly optional, but they are pretty useful, because Incendiary Grenade is going to be getting a good buff in 1.2, and Blazing Speed gives an internal damage effect on Speed Shot, which bypasses armor (yay!).

And for the Sharpshooter side, Slick Shooter is just such a good talent, because it boosts crit on your primary skills! And granted, Burst Volley isn't that great right now, but in 1.2 it will be fantastic, because of the energy regen boost it will give, so you would want to take that. Then you should definitely take Trickshot while you are up here, as it is one of the highest DPS/lowest energy cost skills you can get, and you'll want to take Recoil Control to improve energy costs there, and then Deadeye increases crit damage from all of your main skills, and so on and so on...

The main point I am trying to say is, going half and half on skill trees seems kinda sad, because the *most useful* skills and talents seem to be at Tier 5 and 6 for the Gunslinger. Not saying that yours couldn't work, but I personally would definitely not want to miss out on the key skills I mentioned above.

For my survival spec for Saboteur, which I use for PvP, here is what I am using now:

And for my PvE spec, which I use on my weekly raid nights,
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