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The ONLY way a new class could possibly work is if it was a third advanced class for an existing one. That way they could reuse all the existing story content and just develop the mechanics.

To make it manageable, just do one advanced class and mirror at a time. You don't actually need all four at once, you just need both factions to have the additional option.

My thoughts would be base the classes off a niche that isn't already there. So, for examples...

1) Trooper (Ranger) / Bounty Hunter (Assassin): a class with three damage disciplines, a stealth generator and an HK-style assassinate talent. The weapon for both is a sniper rifle with an offhand vibroblade for in close attacks.

2) Jedi Knight (Warden) / Sith Warrior (Conqueror): a class with a heal spec in the form of instilling their allies with the Force as you lead them in battle. Your weapon would be the double-bladed lightsaber.

3) Jedi Consular (TBD) / Sith Inquistor (TBD): another all damage class focused on being a true gish (i.e. basically a 10m damage class that uses a mix of saber and force attacks... kinda like the shadow/assassin's tank spec, but single target damage focused. Their weapons would be two lightsabers.

4) Smuggler (Bruiser) / Agent (Extractor): A class with a tank spec and a focus on melee attacks and using dirty tricks to keep the focus on them in a fight. Their primary weapons would be vibroswords/staves with an "offhand" blaster/rifle they use for some 10m attacks (and cut scenes).

But that's just off the top of my head.
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