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Hey folks,

I apologize for the late notice on this. We are going to delay the launch of Game Update 5.4 by 24 hours. Crisis on Umbara's maintenance will now be on Wednesday, 8/23 at the same time as the originally planned maintenance (5AM - 9AM PDT).

As we do with all updates, we continually test until it goes out the door. From this testing we discovered a critical bug with the Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint. This bug can prevent a substantial amount of gameplay when a player experiences it, from not playing the intro cinematic to not allowing re-entry into the instance. Due to the severity of the bug, we are not comfortable releasing the Game Update in its current state.

I will go ahead and updated the messaging in both this thread and the launcher to reflect the new maintenance window. Again, we do apologize for the late notice and thank you for your patience.

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