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The guild perk is just bugged. It gives 10% alacrity instead of 5% as described, which leads to the next GCD threshold without loosing any crit stat.

Parsely-Admin knows this, but refuses to delete these unrealistic parses allthough all other parses with significant bonuses like guild orbital strike got removed. One could simply filter them by removing all parses with higher APM then possible for each class, but its "too much work".

if you want to compare your dps with realistic parses just ignore the ones with 1.2GCDs. (you can calculate the average GCD by looking at the rotations tab i.e. and see if these are legit parses)
Oh thank you so much for the explanation, that explains it. Thanks for talking to parsely admin, too. Who is it these days? When I played more actively it was Marisi, I think...

The way you explained how to recognize parses as legit sounds to me like something you could write a routine for and eliminate those parses automatically. But I'm not a programmer.

Thanks a lot for the info!
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