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07.15.2019 , 04:15 AM | #8
Either way imo the Quickness Set Bonus Guild Ship Perk needs to be changed or substituted by something else.

<- All the other Guild Ship set bonus static stat boosts are ok, because they don't stack with the respective class buffs. Since alacrity is not in any of the class buffs, the Quickness set bonus is the odd man out: a massive static stat buff locked behind guild perks.

The other thing they could do would be to disallow guild perks on training dummys like they are disallowed in MM ops. That would makes sense, since dummys are used for minmaxing endgame performance which you really only need to do for MM ops. However, I assume that would be much more complicated, given training dummys are not only on your personal ship, but also on the fleet and possibly in your Rishi stronghold... Thus changing/substituting the Quickness set bonus is probably easier...
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