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There is never a reason to bring a fighter. They don't out-damage, out-survive, outmaneuver, outrun, out range, anything. Scouts slaughter them, bombers slaughter them, GS slaughters them.

As things are with ships, scouts are the best fighters, which seems strange. Scouts should be..well..scouts, but they're not, they are the fighter ships of the game, killing bombers, GS and SF, particularly the flashfire and sting.
in a nut shell this is the problem... in making strikes 'generalists' they made every system second best. System cool downs are the domain of scouts and specialist ships. The strike most feel is most useful, is the one with system cool downs. The other two and a half models use the same weapons as are shared by lighter and heavier hulled ships but on the scouts the cool downs super charge their weapons making them more effective, and they mount a larger variety of weapons that are potentially more effective. These strike's compensation is being able to switch between different under performing weapon systems. While there is something to be said for that ability, they obviously need more. Better weapons to choose from? An across the board upgrade (reduction) to missile lockons? Higher ammo for strike's missiles (lower ammo for scouts.... seriously, lighter faster, more tightly turning chassis=lower available payload weight). An ability to drop strike's missile reload time with a cool down? Say by pressing 1 if there is a missile on CD it resets it and starts a 60 second debuff that prevents it from happening again and or firing missiles triggers a 10 second buff that drops all cool down times for missiles to 0... with the same debuff to prevent it from procing again for 60 seconds....

To BE a generalist they need the firepower to out fight the light weight specialists. If missiles could hit, that might be the edge you would need. A few more missiles in the racks might compensate also for the trend of wasting missiles on enemy missile breaks....

incidentally, could we get credit for 'participating' for _FIRING_ missiles? I got kicked from a match because none of my torps hit, but I locked and fired them contiously... I was participating, I was making the other guys blow their missile evasions hot and heavy. I would have gotten more credit if I had fired on a mine or drone, which is kinda crazy.

What strikes need.... is burst damage around the 1500 mark that gunships do with a single shot. They would have to be in the 10k-0 range band, preferably around 8-4k but damage should not decline with closer range.... they are strike fighters not archers (that would be the gunships who could possibly use a damage nerf under 6k? just saying...)

With this much damage, IF they can hit a scout, they would do serious damage to it, perhaps not kill it outright.... but that's enough to get them on the table. If they do 1500k in a burst, two or three such hits would take out most strikes.... and several would deal with a bomber (any gunship ace could give you better numbers for the damage to kill anything) But if a scout can do MORE damage then a strike (granted only the T2 scout) and a gunship can do more damage over time then a strike (divide 1500 by the recharge/reload period of the gunship) then you can see why choosing a strike over a gunship or scout wouldn't give you the killing power to out perform them regardless of speed and turning.

As it is, a scout parked at a dead stop (no speed or turning), can face tank a strike and win. I think it should be the other way around.... and that's just to make a strike at-least a generalist