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This is a wonderful picture , but was that the FIRST Starfighter battle you ever did? or was that one on a Alt account you were starting after you played a lot on a Alt?
It was my first character on TEH, after playing a few hundred games on Pot5.

The point of the picture is that you can't blame upgrades for poor performance. You can be outplayed, you can get screwed matchmaking and fight enemies with Space Ace and Fleet Admiral when your team has two dozen matches between the lot of you, you can get farmed by people who have more history with flight simulator and FPS games than you have years of your life, but upgrades only ever factor into a loss when both sides are equally skilled. Any attempt to matchmake by number of mastered ships or lifetime requisition earned or upgrade levels will fail because skill is by far the determining factor in a match.

Not to mention i noticed that even that you went 11/6/4 , that is a Sat game, which means your 11 kills mean jack , its objective points in that that matter, thus the other team might have been focused more on objectives
That's not true at all. A dead enemy can't capture a point, can't reinforce a point, can't hold a point neutral, can't distract teammates (we've all seen three or four allies chasing one enemy around a satellite, I think). Once you kill someone, the game is suddenly 8v7 instead of 8v8. If kills weren't important in domination, gunships would have no purpose there -- when in fact it's the exact opposite, and gunships have always been a decisive factor in any domination match. I rarely have more than a hundred objectives points in any match, because my duty in those matches is to clear satellites of threats -- something I can't do if I spend the majority of the match inside the satellite's fins.
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