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A dark blur leans against the wall close to my cell. I blink, and it resolves into a humanoid shape. Raising my hand to wipe at my eyes proves to be a real effort. It also takes some effort to swallow the bile back down. I groan.

Unmoving the man observes me. What’s so interesting in watching me struggle? He doesn’t occupy a cell. He is somehow associated with the jailer. He’s a pervert. Save assumption. Question answered.

As my eyes continue to adjust, the man’s features become clearer. Gray hair, shoulder-length. Probably human. Tanned. Dark form-fitting clothes. I squint at the metallic glint on his forehead. The corners of an implant show half hidden beneath the man’s hair. I recognize him. A coldblooded Sith acolyte dealing with three prisoners as part of his trials. Seems like he isn’t done with that part yet. He holds the remote to my shock collar.

Laws never interested me too much; Imperial ones did so even less. So, I’m not clear on the details. I doubt they’re fond of people trying to rob their temples and gravesites, though. No, I am not afraid to die. Still I prefer a not overly unpleasant execution. My gaze shifts to the hilt of the blade – some kind of training weapon – the acolyte wears on his back. I remember the prisoner he killed. Messier than a vibroknife, still better than setting seven on the shock collar for sure. Beggars can’t be choosers.

“What way to die will it be?” My voice sounds worse than after three days of drinking and smoking too much.

“That eager?” He raises an eyebrow.

“I thought you were here for your next trial.”

“I am,” he says. A short hesitation. He ponders what to say next. “You will open Naga Sadow’s tomb for me!” Again, this isn’t a question.

„Go **** yourself!“ I mutter and brace for the electroshock. My friends died when we tried to open that tomb. I hold the Sith’ gaze. The shock doesn’t come. His eyes sparkle with amusement. I notice their green color. Memories of Ce’na catching sunlight in stolen emeralds.

“An intruiguing instigation, alas, anatomically impossible.” He sounds almost regretful.
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