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Thank you for your feedback guys. You made my day

All I can say is that AUs are a very dangerous thing. Once you start thinking about one, others will pop up.
Small decisions, coincidences, accidents may have a huge impact on ones life. With AUs it's easy to explore those impacts for our characters. Give it a try, and don't say I didn't warn you.

I love writing, but as I mentioned in my headcanon thread I have serious problems to get scenes worked out rn. These small pieces were a way to trick myself into actually writing something instead of editing stuff to death. I am not sure how this is going to work out for the following posts, which will contain conversations. This is an experiment. We will find out.

What I already have found out is that first person present is damned close and intimate. It's my character and it's happening right now. I love it. And with the small pieces, especially in conversations, it feels even more real. Once a bit is posted, it's said and done. Like in a real conversation you can't take it back. (Well, technically I could, but that would be cheating.) Action, reaction. I think about what happens next in the next post. It probably won't surprise you, when I tell you, that it didn't take my characters long to surprise me

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I awaken to a strange irregular rhythm. It takes me a while to recognize it as my heartbeat. Intensity six doesn’t kill me after all. At least not at once. After the majority of my neural pathways, too, wake up, I can’t imagine anyone recommending regular, or prolonged use. Through a haze of pain I identify the jailer’s voice. He tells me I am lucky. I am still needed. Me? Someone must have made a mistake. Whatever! But I am still alive. Can’t say that I care. Death seems cozier right now.

There is someone else talking. Male, if I am not mistaken. The jailer tries to argue. He explains about the intensity settings of the shock collar. Level seven is bound to do permanent damage – immediately. Not advisable if you want someone to be able to walk on their own. Eight and beyond were not implemented to be used on humans. Leaves them with cauliflower for a brain. Not as tasty but as capable of coherent thought. We wouldn’t want that, now, would we? Do I get a vote, too?

“Leave us!” the second person orders. Footfalls, the sound of a door opening and closing. “You are not afraid of death.” The man doesn’t ask. “Level six, huh? Regrettable!”

I share his opinion. My heart gives up on the lepi hop in exchange for something more solemn. The silence stretches on. I am not in a talkative mood. His clothes whisper of movement. I might as well see if my eyes still work.
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