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“Your brother has a way with math. You have a way with trouble,” mom used to say when we were still children. Back, when she was still alive. She probably has been right. All I ever made was mistakes. Funny how things turned out. The current catastrophe represents only the climax of a long line of bad decisions.

My best friend died three days ago. She took a bullet for me. By now I know I got the short end of the deal.

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I have not given up on TDaOC.
Still some AUs just won't leave you alone.
I hadn't intended to write about this one. The start is rather dark. I changed my mind. Or I had my mind changed?

Unlike in TDaOC in this AU Thorns missed his opportunity to become a bounty hunter. He ends up as a thief in Imperial captivity on Korriban instead. This has some major effects on the dynamics between the characters. I have neither a plan nor an idea how this will turn out.
This will probably NOT be PG 13, but I'll try to write nothing too explicit.
I won't promise a regular schedule, since I won't be able to keep that promise.
Expect rather short parts.

Constructive criticism is welcome.
I hope, you'll enjoy this story.

The start contains spoilers for the beginning of the Sith Warrior story line.
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