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10.03.2018 , 12:07 PM | #17
its a huge nerf to dps but it completely cripples tank opener. 1,5-1,75 secs global cd u get after force pull before u can use phantom stride causes bosses like writhing horror or raptus to pretty much wipe the raid on harder difficulties.

their explanation was so vague it seemed like they couldnt find proper reason for adding that 0,25 global cd. feels like this: what will i mess up in next patch, maybe cripple all assassin specs with 1 change? but how do i explain it? : .25 second Global Cooldown has been added to Phantom Stride to prevent an issue when this ability was overlapped with other movement abilities. ->i never had any problems, only platforming was a bit off when stride is used on target close to the edge of something. and thats not even worth mentioning since all the rest worked perfectly. so what movement abilities they even speak off?