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All are viable, it depends on what kind of crafting you want to do and how many characters you have.

I have all the skills several times over, most of them maxxed. - But I prefer to make augments and kits with Armstech and dyes and hilts and crystals and relics with Artifice. - And those 2 characters have about 300 million between them.

OTOH I could make a slow steady profit making desirable outfits with Synth and Armormech. - But I find the market a bit fickle.

The only one I've not made huge profits on is Slicing. - True that every node is free money, and every mission could turn up valuable mats... but farming isn't really my thing and you can make easy money zipping round the dailies and heroics if you want something more entertaining.

But I also find that the farmers and gatherers make mats to pass to the crafters, but I rarely pass any profits back to the supplying characters, so there are a few in my legacy who are stupid rich and the rest are comfortable with a few million each as working capital.

Experiment a bit, but don't over-extend by making tons of stuff you can't sell and find something that gives a good ratio of time vs reward. - And if you can resist the urge to spend credits on shiny things, you'll soon have many millions stashed away.

-Storm Cutter.
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