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Hey folks,

We recently removed a thread related to the topic of server merges. This thread was removed because of numerous rule violations contained within it. Since we know this conversation is important to you, I am remaking this as the centralized thread for that discussion. Although we don't have anything to discuss right now on this topic, we want to continue to get your feedback and thoughts on it. Please keep it coming!

A few rule reminders:
  • Discussion of moderation is not permitted.
  • Please remain respectful of other forum users. Disagreement and discussion is fine, personal attacks are not.

Thanks everyone.

Please ensure that no one will be negatively impacted by server merges by ensuring that any and all issues surrounding server merges have been resolved prior to considering server merges.

As it stands now, every player has the option to play on a server with a population that matches their population/community desires. There is no reason to negatively impact multitudes of players because some players refuse to avail themselves of any of the options they already have to play on a server with a population more to their liking.