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Gonna ask the mercs the same but just curious which makes a better "shoot'em up" dps. Wondering for both pvp and pve! Thanks guys! Happy New Year
If you are speaking purely DPS wise, Snipers have the edge DPS wise.

If you are talking ease of play, Mercs are easier to play than Snipers.

If you are talking about survivability, Mercs have better survivability, but, Snipers have amazing survivability as well, in fact, they are without question the two most survivable DPS classes in the game. In Effect - Merc>Sniper>every other DPS spec in the game.

In 5.x Mercs and Snipers are considered the alpha classes in the game, a.k.a FOTM.

In PVP Mercs and Snipers are top dogs, and even in PVE, while they may not put out the most DPS their survivability, ease of DPSing, lower skill set [in the case of Mercs], forgiving playstyle, and mobility still make them sought after DPS for many raid groups.

Snipers do tend to require more skill to play optimally than Mercs do. Merc's can be played well by monkey's pretty much, and not the smart monkeys even. That said, they aren't "hard" to play either, just speaking in comparative terms to merc.

With Tank like DCDs, self healing, high DPS for ranged, surprisingly good mobility [they even had certain mobility buffs, in fact] for what one would normally consider a non-mobile class [that's pretty much just one of the specs I believe at this point], and possessing even greater range than mercs, Sniper's really don't have any downside.
Very strong class.

Where Merc's have some greater measure of survivability over Snipers, Snipers have a greater measure of damage potential over mercs. Even still, their survivability is better than the rest of the other DPS classes/specs.
This is the generally held opinion, there may be some who might disagree for other reasons,but this is where the bulk of consensus lays.