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To the OP:

I find Improved Heat Vents to be totally unnecessary; combined with Supercharged Gas, it's effectively a complete heat wipe without talenting into it. Most of the healers I've seen complaining about heat are remarkably inefficient and fail to make use of some of our basic tools-- Supercharged Gas -> Kolto Missile is an astonishingly efficient heal for 4-mans, both to prevent damage to the tank and to top off other players who have accidentally drawn aggro.

I'd swap to the damage reduction in CSC. It's much more valuable in typical PvE, helps a ton in instances when you have to spike heal and draw aggro, and it's invaluable in PvP. Ideally we shouldn't need it in PvE, but the reality is that threat is screwy and it's simply more valuable to bring survivability than a slightly-improved panic button that we shouldn't be using in anything but boss fights.
In all honesty I've never been in a fight where I 'need' the damage reduction. I suppose you can go either way but with the IHV you can do more healing while intentionally spiking your heat up. I guess if you're just doing flashpoints you can go with the damage reduction but for operations at least up till Nightmare Mode you want the IHV since you don't really get hit by anything besides normal raid damage.
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