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Learning the maps can be tricky and since the mini map is in 2d it can get disorientating pretty quickly, there is a default keybind of "v" that when you hold it, it reorients the ship to the start axis so that the way you're pointing on the minimap is actually the direction you're going to when you move forward. Using this reorienting trick might help you to start noticing landmarks you can use to figure out where you are on the maps.
dang I looked for something like that in Keybinds, and missed it, . ..V . . that should help a lot.
okay I didn't want to say anything, but thought it seemed 2d to me,

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There's plenty of people that are up for grouping up to help teach new players, being on voice can be very useful if you need to ask questions in real time. With the new custom games available I'd also suggest maybe trying to find up to 3 or more other players to play custom games with so you guys can just explore the maps and figure them out without worrying to much about a game going on at the same time.
oh ?? Custom games ? something I have not noticed.
I do know the importance of being on Voice and group, I have just been reluctant and putting it off. I have been hesitant in joining /cjoinGSf (eh probably typed wrong there), because . . I rarely look at chat, it why Voice coms is important, but as mentioned earlier been lazy and going full retarrr . . ahh solo, tho, I do glance at chat every now and then

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Yes there are multiple abilities in the game that can one shot especially if you're playing a Sting. There's also many abilities that hit very quickly that can kill in 0.5seconds or just a little more and seem like a one shot.

Just a few quick examples of One shots though are:

- A Proton Torpedo does exactly 1050 damage to hull once fully upgraded and that is the exact hull total of a Sting without extra hull upgrades.

- A Slug Railgun crit can One shot pretty easily as well.

- There is a power up in Team Deathmatch called Damage Overcharge which gives you +100% damage on most of your damaging weapons. With this power up there are quite a few weapons that are able to one shot but Proton Torpedo and Slug Railgun in combination with these are One shots one a very large numbers of ship configurations.
just for the record, I wasn't in my Sting when that was happening, I was in the Quell, and they were in a Strikefighter as well, forgot which.
figured it was possible, but wasn't sure, I know it is very possible if I was in the sting

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If you meaning the ability to pan the camera in a direction you want to look at the default key binding for that is "f" however it's a very useful thing to be honest.

The best way to find directions is to use the arrows around your firing arc, the little red arrows are all enemy ships and once you have one targeted the arrow will be much more pronounced, what you want to do is roll your ship so that your top or bottom of your ship is facing that arrow and then use your mouse to turn towards them.

If you're playing Domination using the Satellite letters around your firing arc of A, B and C are also great ways to orient yourself to figure out where you're going.
those arrows on the heads up, really confuse me , but the 'V' should help me now, many times I find I'm just doing a circle/loop, and never seeing any one but the arrows I'l chasing on the heads up.
I keep thinking the arrowrs, are up,down left right, but they're not, that arrow going straight up could be in front or behind or above me, I DO know they get bigger when the enemy is close
okay I'll give that 'f' key a try, I'll peek in Keybinds and see what it's actually called, thanks

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This sounds like you're turning while moving too quickly, I'd suggest using the default "s" key (which is to throttle down) and slowly turn, this will not only make you turn faster, but you won't be moving very quickly so you'll have far more time to react if something is in the direction you're turning. It will also slow you down so that if you do hit an obstacle you'll hit it at a much slower speed meaning you won't take as much damage and won't instantly self destruct.
yeah I do those things, , learned that one while playing, but what I was meaning, is, . . I prefer to look ahead where I want to go, , like if I want to go right, I'll look right before turning right, I don't have that ability in this game, you can only look straight ahead, so now it ends up being just turn right (or left, or up or down) and hope nothing is there, and in most of my turns, there is something right there.
but that should be where the 'f' key comes in if i understand correctly
also to make it easier for me, I had remapped 'S' and 'X'

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If you're just straight looking for some gameplay to watch, to maybe pick some stuff up that way, I have a bunch of videos up on my Youtube and Twitch channels. (Links in my signature)

I'm currently on a break for the holidays, but I usually do streaming Wednesdays and Friday nights, feel free to drop by the stream and ask questions in real time, I try to answer as much as I can.

I also do 1 on 1 video analysis with anyone that asks, so if you have the ability to record some of your games, we can get in touch and go over them to figure out how to help you out.

If you have any specific questions I have an Ask Me Anything thread going on these forums, or you could just post them in this thread too and I'll do my best to answer everything.

Hope that helps
yes been watching them, and a couple others, they all helped me improved

Now I just need to hook up with some other players, could be a lot less frustrating if there was a wing man,
need to check if Discord is updated on this laptop, desk top went in storage last week, though I prefer Teamspeak, I can't stand the over lay from Discord, and the sound is not so great, but I use it when I need to