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The maps, and heads up display, I'm not sure I'll ever can adjust to, the mini map I have to stare long enough to see which way I'm going, then when I think I'm going the Right direction I end up going the wrong way.
Neither the mini map or Heads up display works for me
Learning the maps can be tricky and since the mini map is in 2d it can get disorientating pretty quickly, there is a default keybind of "v" that when you hold it, it reorients the ship to the start axis so that the way you're pointing on the minimap is actually the direction you're going to when you move forward. Using this reorienting trick might help you to start noticing landmarks you can use to figure out where you are on the maps.

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I have just been queuing Solo, due to the map and heads up I get confused easily, probably be hearing on Voice chat, "Where the Hell are you going" and it'll take me a 3rd of the match trying to figure how to get myself going in the right direction, and been avoiding to actually grouping up.
There's plenty of people that are up for grouping up to help teach new players, being on voice can be very useful if you need to ask questions in real time. With the new custom games available I'd also suggest maybe trying to find up to 3 or more other players to play custom games with so you guys can just explore the maps and figure them out without worrying to much about a game going on at the same time.

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One question has been on my mind the past day+,
is it possible to be One Shot ? I was in one match and this one enemy consistently one shot me, I mean it could be possible there was more then one shooting me, I didn't notice that, but they got the kill with just one shot from a fighter, I never saw any other .
Yes there are multiple abilities in the game that can one shot especially if you're playing a Sting. There's also many abilities that hit very quickly that can kill in 0.5seconds or just a little more and seem like a one shot.

Just a few quick examples of One shots though are:

- A Proton Torpedo does exactly 1050 damage to hull once fully upgraded and that is the exact hull total of a Sting without extra hull upgrades.

- A Slug Railgun crit can One shot pretty easily as well.

- There is a power up in Team Deathmatch called Damage Overcharge which gives you +100% damage on most of your damaging weapons. With this power up there are quite a few weapons that are able to one shot but Proton Torpedo and Slug Railgun in combination with these are One shots one a very large numbers of ship configurations.

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Oh and there is one thing that gets me killed all the time, not being able to look where I want to go, I looked in the keybinds, there is a way, but that way does not work for me, tried it and failed even worse.
I need a better way to look, is there such a way ?
If you meaning the ability to pan the camera in a direction you want to look at the default key binding for that is "f" however it's a very useful thing to be honest.

The best way to find directions is to use the arrows around your firing arc, the little red arrows are all enemy ships and once you have one targeted the arrow will be much more pronounced, what you want to do is roll your ship so that your top or bottom of your ship is facing that arrow and then use your mouse to turn towards them.

If you're playing Domination using the Satellite letters around your firing arc of A, B and C are also great ways to orient yourself to figure out where you're going.

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I feel like I'm a pilot with my head strapped not able to look up down left or right and wearing Blinders. and can only look through a peep hole forward, many times I go to turn, and there is a object right there, and it's too late to correct, 90% of my deaths are from not having the ability to look where I want to go.
This sounds like you're turning while moving too quickly, I'd suggest using the default "s" key (which is to throttle down) and slowly turn, this will not only make you turn faster, but you won't be moving very quickly so you'll have far more time to react if something is in the direction you're turning. It will also slow you down so that if you do hit an obstacle you'll hit it at a much slower speed meaning you won't take as much damage and won't instantly self destruct.

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I'm still reading what guides I find, I'm not done with that, I prefer just go for it and learn from mistakes, and use guides to correct that.
This line is great, it sounds like you have a very positive plan for improving your gameplay.

If you're just straight looking for some gameplay to watch, to maybe pick some stuff up that way, I have a bunch of videos up on my Youtube and Twitch channels. (Links in my signature)

I'm currently on a break for the holidays, but I usually do streaming Wednesdays and Friday nights, feel free to drop by the stream and ask questions in real time, I try to answer as much as I can.

I also do 1 on 1 video analysis with anyone that asks, so if you have the ability to record some of your games, we can get in touch and go over them to figure out how to help you out.

If you have any specific questions I have an Ask Me Anything thread going on these forums, or you could just post them in this thread too and I'll do my best to answer everything.

Hope that helps
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