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The one thing I would caution for Juggernauts is stat distribution. KeyBoardNinja (great man, LOVE what he does) has the Defense rating high in his differential build. While you may get the most % points for your stat value that way, we both know that is not how fights always work (i.e. the reason you don't run high Defense on your PT at the moment). Which is why I run 1094 putting it *perfectly* (point of view) at 25%. Since you don't have to augment Defense like you did previous tier you can put the points into Shield. Now, 1500 is where you start hitting really bad DR on Shield with Juggernauts, but I pushed mine to 1720 to achieve 50%. You may wish to run less than that, in which case more of your augments would be Absorb.

If I remember correctly the completely balanced stat percentages were 25% Defense, 47% Shield and 47% Absorb. However, when I did the number crunching on Shield/Absorb ratios (algorithms used were DTPS, hit-to-hit basis, and total damage taken) it seemed that as long as your Absorb was above 40% you actually got more total mitigation out of stacking Shield. That being said 50% Shield 44% Absorb seems to be a better combo than both 47/47 or the attainable 53/40 (Aegis Assault included in those numbers).
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