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I think in that case, more than ever, the tutorial needs serious improvement.
For years, many pilots including myself have been calling for a better tutorial. Chances are it's not happening... BUT there is something that I encourage regarding the tutorial:

1. Play it once the way they want you to, suffer through the hideous stop-and-go nonsense and reading they foist on you, just grit your teeth and do it and try to pay attention. It sucks, but you can learn the basics. Then...

2. Play it again. flip through the text as fast as possible, then completely ignore the objectives they present. Fly around, practice boosting and maneuvering. Your ship is invulnerable, so you can bounce off walls and not die. You can get the hang of flying and power management without anyone shooting at you. You have until the timer runs down to zoom around the whole Lost Shipyards map. You can do this as often as you like to get a feel for the controls with no risk.