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Hey folks,

Below you will find the planned changes for Deception and Infiltration in Game Update 5.5:

Wow, that is some hardcore nerfing, can't imaging how badly this is going to break the class, seems all you guys want to do is break the game and the players spirits before you shut the game down.

"News flash : Road map, once we have made you all as miserable as we can, we will shine a tight at the end of the tunnel and as you approach the light and startbto feel relief, we will turn off the servers to really make it sting"

Bioware, good luck keeping your remaining players because you've just about lost them all to stupid decisions like over the top nerfs.

"News flash : door hits Assassins to the floor as they leave the game and unsub. Bioware employees take bets to see how far they can knock them across the floor"