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PvE isn't the only part of the game. Culling the burst is a kick in the teeth of a spec that was already garbage in tank/healer games and mediocre at best in other matches. Just having a good CC toolkit doesn't help if there is no muscle behind it. TTK in this game is way too long as it is and this balancing approach does nothing to help it.

Also, Carnage is supposed to be in the same tier as Deception when it comes to damage. They are already performing above Deception, so clearly their own damage categories don't make a lot of sense. But as you pointed out, you don't necessarily agree with this idiotic system either.
Also the Maras and Sents have better Dcd than Sin/Shadows . Out performing Sins in pvp hahahaha ...ppl who think this and want this nerf to sin/shadows must be maining a Merc / Sniper . The sin / shadow is the only class with the least defensive cool downs or utilities in the game .
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