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No attempt to flame the class at all, just a question.

I am in awe with subpar threats I make in PvP as deception to my foes. I try to use every ability to maximize my potential as a player with frustrating results. My sin was my first class I rolled then I left him in the dust for my maruader, which are now both the same level (37)

Anyways, when opening up on someone, I feel like I just tickle them, especially sorcs, and operatives can blow me up under 5 seconds if allowed. Now given, 50's have a huge advantage with maximum talents and skills, + expertise ..but I feel as of lately I am been getting down a bit with my sin. Anyone who plays at 50 shine some light at me? some pointers or anything would be great. Questions like, do you use dark charge over surging for survival? What stats do you focus on aside from crit? what's your rotation (I find myself only using thrash, maul, assassinate when the opportunity strikes , slows, stuns , discharge, watching my procs up to x5 and reduced force cost and w/e is situation intensive such as defensive or survival cooldowns)