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01.29.2018 , 11:10 AM | #14
The only thing that could save the game at this point is a revamp of the whole game. AKA the FF14 type event. I don't think an expansion would even do it right now. Knowing any said expansion even mentioned wouldn't happen till the fall and the swtor just stays the same. Resources and focus are somewhere else.

Other than a relaunch. I think this game is in the Holding pattern I hear people talk of. More money isn't going to change anything, especially so in the next year to 15 or so months till anthem launches. Everything is pointed to anthem, swtor is just in that holding pattern, not really going anywhere and more money won't change that right now.

We need something major to happen/change to swtor and right now and a 8 month off expansion isn't going to do it. We are too far gone and burned way to many gamers. We need that major positive, bug free event to gamers to get behind but I can't see it happening right now.
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