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Also the Cartel Market Certificates are pretty much worthless junk to me since anything I could buy with them is also locked behind Cartel reputation. If the rep requirement on those items was removed it would be great, alternatively if I could convert them to Golden Certificates that would at least give them some value (at a rate corresponding to their relative chances as prizes - about 3 or 4 to 1 by my limited estimation) [If this is already possible I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction]
First of all, thereís a vendor on the Fleet who sells a bunch of nice decos for CM certificates. You can buy stuff for yourself or sell it on GTN to make profit. No reputation is required.

Maxing out Underworld Exchange rep to access CM vendors is not that hard. Rep tokens drop from Ultimate packs and Contraband Slot Machine decoration. Slot machine rarely shows up on GTN and when it does itís always quite expensive but you can travel to strongholds that are opened for everyone, check if they have that deco and start gambling if they do. Drop rate is very good, youíll get Legend in no time even with weekly cap.

Btw, I have it in my Nar Shaddaa SH on Malgus, everyone who needs it to max out rep is welcomed.